7 Habits Of Seriously Stylish People (That You Can Steal For Yourself)

style: It’s not something you can buy. Yes, anyone with a credit card can stroll into Barneys and emerge looking like Fashion with a capital F—but that’s not necessarily what truly stylish people do. Very few people—credit cards or not—can be considered humans of genuine style, but if you’re working on developing your own sense of style, we’ve rounded up the top seven habits of highly stylish people for you to keep in mind.

True style takes something else, something less tangible than the right label at the right time. While piling on “It” items might give you a boost of instant sartorial gratification, in six months those pieces will be obsolete, you’ll be out a month’s rent, and you’ll feel compelled to keep up with the cycle of buying the next round of coveted pieces. It’s exhausting. Still, so many people seem to fall victim to that exact cycle.

Blame it on today’s street style-obsessed world, but all we have to do today is take a quick peek at Pinterest, give Instagram a quick scroll, or visit any one of the gazillion personal style blogs that exist, and we’ll be inundated with up-to-the-minute images of Céline, Proenza Schouler, Givenchy, Chanel, and other top-level labels, which can often create a bit of FOMO. And that, in turn, can result in scores of people looking, well, exactly like everyone else and going broke in the process.

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