Princess Diana resonated as Marilyn Monroe in the Crown finale, but I couldn’t see it

If you’re a royal lover like me, you’ll no doubt be binge-watching The fourth season of The Crown in just 48 hours.After seeing it all, I immediately went back and studied my favorite scenes and, of course, my favorite costumes to treat myself.Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until season 5 to see Princess Diana’s revenge dress, but Di did wear another black dress, which was gorgeous, honestly?That was the whole Marilyn moment.

Whether or not you think Emma Corrin looks like Princess Diana (I personally think her jaw is distracting, but that’s another story.I mean, she doesn’t claim to be her clone!), you must admit that she does a really good job of bringing the much-loved royals of the series to life.Her season-long imitation of the late princess’s voice, demeanor and expression is a perfect example of how much Diana grew as her life changed at lightning speed.

Like Corrin’s character, costume designer Amy Roberts is actively taking charge of clothes.We see Diana first in her childish cardigan and canary yellow, then in her signature bright blue dress, and finally — when she’s struggling, facing bulimia, and frustrated with Charles and Camilla’s relationship — she ends the collection in black.

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